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Olivier De Rycke

Olivier De Rycke French Photographer seized the opportunity to become professional photographer in 2005 when his work has been appreciated and featured on Internet websites. To picture the feminine beauty became very quickly his specialization. But one word always come when having a look at its work: emotion. Whatever the style, the location, the light, there is always for him a quest to find in his models a state of true and real emotion. Picturing the human with its soul.

Based in Riga, the capital of one of the baltic states now member of the EU, he has setup a studio considering this place as a key location for being in the heart of a pool of great models, talents and as to tackle reasonable cost of production. Being there proves to be the perfect place for realizing clothes or fashion designers’ catalogs. Nevertheless, free to travel upon assignment in the fields of catalogs, ad, editorial, fashion, portraits and beauty photography.

I’ve always had what my ancestors say is a magical eye.
Transcription and transformation become complete through my shortsighted glasses. What is usually perceived as ugly to others becomes special to me, and I am able to see beauty where others do not.

This talent has become more than a career throughout the years. If, in order to see beauty everywhere, complacency and tolerance are needed, an effort must often be made, and you won’t notice this in my features. You have to observe my face more closely.
Since I’ve met Olivier, my magical eye has been able to rest.
I no longer need to transcribe, to transform and to idealize what I see. What is instantaneously beautiful is printed and stays forever in his photos.
It is precisely this naked beauty which I find touching. The beautiful, humble, fragile, ephemeral features are captured in his sentimental aspects and become imprisoned in the curve of a hip. It is in these intimate times where we best see the captured seconds of a body and soul fusing together in a moment of perfection. These are moments of trust and abandon where harmony is captured in exemplar precision.
Olivier is our magical eye. For us, he immobilizes these moments where naked beauty surpasses itself and has become abandoned to sight in utmost tranquility. The cleverly worked and distinguished atmospheres wrap up the models with unexpected warmth. Where sentiments undress, bare skin is dressed with wonder.

Seeing through Olivier’s eye is a precious gift, and I never grow weary of taking out a piece of cloth to clean my glasses, as I did before writing this preface, and getting comfortably into place to peer once again through his eye.

Preface of my book My Body My Soul by Corinne Boudon

Published Book:

  • My Body My Soul (ISBN: 2-915460-52-0), 2008 Editions Ragage. (french and english text)

Collective books :

  • Les 20 Meilleurs photographes de nu (ISBN : 978-2-8226-0066-8), dec. 2012 Edition ESI.
  • Erotica (ISBN : 978-3-943144-00-0), 2011 Edition Art Photo Akt
  • Boob Mania (ISBN : 978-3-03766-585-5), 2010 Edition Skylight
  • Hot Cheeks two (ISBN : 978-3-03766-576-3), 2006 Edition Skylight


  • Solo exhibition “My Body My Soul”, Gallery Nukod Paris, November 2008.
  • Solo exhibition “Mode and Stils”, House of Moscow Riga (Latvia), March 2010.
  • Group exhibition “Woman”, Artist’s club and friends Riga (Latvia), April 2010.
  • Solo exhibition “Paris”, Cadets de Cascogne, Riga (Latvia), May-June 2010.